Russian Proof Readers Needed§

Reviewing Proof of Novel

The first draft of the Russian translation of my novel, I Have No Friends is finished. Elena Kartushina finished translating this past weekend. It was plenty of work, but she did it. I’m amazed at how quickly she did it and so very pleased. I can hardly wait to see it in print.

If you would like, you can read the first few chapters. These haven’t been proofread or edited yet, so let us know if you catch a mistake.

In fact, we need a few native Russian speakers to proofread the text. Mostly, we are looking for minor mistakes (e.g., typing, spelling, and punctuation), as well as formatting problems (e.g., fonts, indentations, line spacing). If you’d be willing to do that, please let us know. We’ll send you a copy in a digital format (e.g., PDF, Kindle, or RTF).