Listed below are several comments posted by the author about the development of this novel — and the translation. Click on a post heading to read more of it.

Russian Novel Sent to Press!

posted: may 8, 2018; words: 102; readers in past month: 133

Huge thanks for proofreaders, Anna Kravchuk, Eléna Poveteva, and Inna Lazutina for their corrections and feedback.

Proof Copy of Russian Translation

posted: posted: jan 16, 2018; words: 116; readers in past month: 131

I received this week the translation of my novel into Russian. I have to check it for formatting problems, but it should be published on Amazon soon.

Russian Proof Readers Needed

posted: jan 10, 2018; words: 139; readers in past month: 542

The first draft of the Russian translation of the novel, I Have No Friends is finished. Elena Kartushina finished translating it this past weekend. Now we need a few native Russian speakers to proofread the text.

Translating ‘I Have No Friends’ Novel to Russian

posted: sep 4, 2017; words: 592; readers in past month: 603

Based on some elements of the story (e.g., almost all female characters; the inclusion of an oracle), one of my editors, who teaches at Pushkin Institute in Moscow, suggested it might be appealing to Russian women readers and offered to to translate it.